Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not As Cool As Ghoul

I'm not big on fashion but THIS is getting redgoddamndickolous!

io9 blog reports on the bizarre Mad Max-ish post-apocalyptic zombie designs by John Galliano at Paris' glamoparty thing - "Ready To Wear". A commentator on i09's entry nailed it by deeming these beyond the grave inspirations as "Ready To Gwar" fashion. Granted these looks do have a bit of Balsac and a hint of Slymenstra Hymen Although, the undead model in the first image goes even further than that. He's a leather-headed member of Ghoul, for gore's sake!

"Clad in shirts of mesh and with mascara on their eyes
We saw a keyboard player and we knew they had to die."
- Ghoul, "Forbidden Crypts"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

When Joey met Lemmy

Two legends of rock and fuckin' roll together having fun and pissing off Dave Kendall & his overlords at MTV. Lemmy gets a very short description of "crossover" probably the only time that was ever mentioned on their airwaves. This is from about 1988 or '89. I saw a lot of the Ramones on MTV circa: '89 on the News and on 120 Minutes. Y'know back when Empty Vee played something called MUSIC?

"Oh that wuz pathET-eek!
I SAID this sONgz fa Joey and Dee Dee Ra-mooone!"

-- Lemmy, Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mountain View August, 2003.