Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The crowning conclusion: group picture with a coffee cup"

Last Week's "Music, Metal and Politics" conference in the fantastic city of Salzburg, Austria:

Left to right: Daniel (Danmark), Me, Marcus & Mikael (Finland), Elizabeth (Florida, USA).

Mere en sie artikler/more in this article. For fotos click the little spot that says "mehr" underneath the photo of the guy in the Morbid Angel t-shirt. All via M√ľnchen's Radio One

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Full Metal Conference Report (abstract)

My full report(s) on last week's "Music Metal and Politics" will be posted here soon. As you may know the conference took place in the amazing, historic and fairly progressive city of Salzburg, Austria. I'm waiting to get my photos back (yeah I'm still doing them the old way) and will be linking and also posting a few of those here. I think my presentation on "Extreme Politics and Extreme Metal" was generally well-received. Although I ideally wanted to do the "Jay-Z method" of practicing it 18 times.

Regardless, my almost complete Fenriz impression went over as well. (See the video interview from "A Blaze in the Northern Sky"). Made lots of new friends & contacts, have lots of new writing projects to look forward to. I learned that I'm (semi) functional in 3 languages even while drinking big ass Austrian beers.