Thursday, March 13, 2008

Transilvanian Hunger wasn't about processed chicken parts

Who do I blame for this?

Admittedly it's sort of funny but soooo many kinds of wrong. It's even worse than the "Black Metal fashion" event they had last year in France.

I haven’t had KFC since 1995. The only things I really liked about them as a kid was:
1) It was a lot of food and would last a long time
2) If my mom got a big bucket of it, I would use the bucket for some indoor b-ball action. Then I would throw on the radio playing Van Halen or Uriah Heep’s “On The Rebound” and get all Larry Bird sinking (and missing) 3's and trying to dunk like Darryl Dawkins.
Although, their mashed potatoes and gravy always tasted like someone had ashed out their cigarettes in it. How sick and grim.

I know some of you might say the genre of Black Metal itself might be to blame for this overwrought and "silly" imagery. While, there still are plenty of "war paint/corpse painted" bands around (ever search Metal Archives?) but really this kind of stuff was an old joke in Norway over 10 years ago and the 'net at least 6 years ago. Even Metalocalypse's has practically run this kind of humor into the ground. Sorry, but I've been joking about metal since 1984 but I also LISTEN to it. Big difference. Grrr...I've been listening to Darkthrone all night, so this might've had an effect on this entry.