Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nothing Like Makin' Up Your Own Genres

Yeah, dood this is my favorite "Glam Death Metal" band of all time! Are they also dissing Slayer by saying "Hell Can Wait"?

Trapped Under Coinciden-ICE!

Abbath from Immortal from "Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms" video


"I Want a New Drug Era" Huey Lewis? Weird, innit?

Things I Learned In 70's Comic Books

1) I used to think these were cigars and not "filtered meat snacks". I never had them when they were in these wasteful packages. Not that the "Macho Man" Savage-era Slim Jims were eco-conscious but still...

2) You could get a skinny-ass skateboard for under $40. My sister had one like this but it was the "Sidewalk Surfer" brand with crappy clay wheels. I later got me a banana board which was similar but (banana) yellow, then moved up to a few slightly wider Gemco models with grip tape. I eventually got sick of munchin' it whilist running over rocks and went full on into the multiple terrain friendly world of BMX.

Ghost Rider #018, 1976 "Whoa! This looks neat-o AND it has Spiderman. Mom, can I have a quarter-rrrr-r?" Naturally, I gravitated toward Ghost Rider's flame/death/revenge aesthetic and this was when I was still stuck listening to Wings and the Eagles on AM radio.

4) I didn't know jackshit about religion at age 6 but this blew my mind I knew something scary and dark was going on here. I had never seen a scene of Jesus on a crucifix before but I did see THIS. Were the comic book versions of the Bible this awesome looking? Well, maybe Chick tracts were but that's before I knew what cynicism and irony were.