Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I Learned In 70's Comic Books

1) I used to think these were cigars and not "filtered meat snacks". I never had them when they were in these wasteful packages. Not that the "Macho Man" Savage-era Slim Jims were eco-conscious but still...

2) You could get a skinny-ass skateboard for under $40. My sister had one like this but it was the "Sidewalk Surfer" brand with crappy clay wheels. I later got me a banana board which was similar but (banana) yellow, then moved up to a few slightly wider Gemco models with grip tape. I eventually got sick of munchin' it whilist running over rocks and went full on into the multiple terrain friendly world of BMX.

Ghost Rider #018, 1976 "Whoa! This looks neat-o AND it has Spiderman. Mom, can I have a quarter-rrrr-r?" Naturally, I gravitated toward Ghost Rider's flame/death/revenge aesthetic and this was when I was still stuck listening to Wings and the Eagles on AM radio.

4) I didn't know jackshit about religion at age 6 but this blew my mind I knew something scary and dark was going on here. I had never seen a scene of Jesus on a crucifix before but I did see THIS. Were the comic book versions of the Bible this awesome looking? Well, maybe Chick tracts were but that's before I knew what cynicism and irony were.

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