Saturday, October 6, 2007

Deep Purple (Mark II) - Bombed out epic jams

Messrs Blackmore, Glover Lord & Paice play a half-hour long version of "Mandrake Root" bombed out of their skulls. Ian Gillan does the very stoned & giggly intro. Audio via >WFMU's wonderful "Beware of the Blog" and DP's Live In Aachen, Germany 10th July 1970 This version is only half of the entire thing. I might be daring enough to play the whole thing on KZSU someday.

Led fuckin' Zeppelin could never pull this off - their strength was the rhythm section whereas Deep Purple was a BAND. Dare I say Purple was heavier and much more intense? Beyond "Smoke on the Water" and maaaybe "Highway Star" they're pretty much unknown on American radio. They were giants in Japan & Scandinavia but they sure as hell weren't a "two song wonder" like say Foghat or some drek. Unlike Zeppelin they rarely had that "bloated" feeling which isn't so much Zeppelin's fault as it is the dumb-ass hardcore fans and the coke-addled marketing machine that's behind their legacy. You wanna take this up some more? Meet me after school - by the bike racks. The bike racks!

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