Sunday, June 29, 2008

METALSPLOITATION! - Part 1 - cheesy movies, cheesy soundtracks

Alright! It's time to celebrate the genius of goofy genres glomed together as "Metalspoiltation". Here's a few that are on the soundtrack side:

A z-grade Spanish-Swiss "revenge" actioner from the golden age of exploitation films 1966-82. Known in Spain as Los Violadores and banned in Australia for uh..."excessive Krokus content"? It's basically about a guy taking revenge against some nazi biker gang with the occasionally rape scene. Kickboxers vs. nazi biker gang - who wins? Who cares. Dude, it has fuckin' early 80's Krokus on the soundtrack!

Also in the cinema du discount is this non-sensical gem from Umberto Lenzi. Lenzi is most known for the ultra sick and mostly unwatchable cannibal flick "Make Them Die Slowly" aka: Cannibal Ferox. Lenzi also expanded into other genres like this mix of oh, teen sex comedy, random horror, prison drama, Jaws and yes, more biker gangs. It's a little pill called "Nightmare Beach" aka "Welcome to Spring Break"

But really who IS this collection hard rockin' cheese balls on this soundtrack?
Why it's all American cheeseballs like Bobby Rondinelli (who worked with Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow and Quiet Riot - all in their 'lean years') and Derek St. Holmes (from Really Terrible Ted Nugent's band). song by song breakdown, even.

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