Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foothill v. Amador: Tied For Most Wack MCs

This is what happens when you search for your alma mater on YouTube:

This has so many kinds of wrong, it makes this video from last assgrab season is almost tolerable. I meant to say, rod throttling season oh, er...OK, how 'bout football season?

So, if the lame wasn't cranked up enough...we have now the video that the Foothillic-- (Ack! Fuck it, I CAN'T even think of writing it much less SAYING it) kids were mocking via our crosstown "rival", Amador High. If there ever was such a thing was Ultra-Wack Ass this would be it:

Yo, yo...D-Unit all up in that Main St. shhizznat. From the downtown av P-Town? Whu-whu...? they ain't rollin' inta the drive thru dairy or grabbing some gay pizza?

Back around '84, I was actually friends with a dude that was into hip-hop before nearly everyone else in town. He was white but actually went to see 2 Live Crew in '87 at some club in Oakland when the vast majority of the kids at school were scare shitless to even step foot in that city (minus the "Dead shows" at the Coliseum). Fred even owned a super early 2 Live t-shirt with a cartoon duck DJ saying Trow That D" on it. Fred G. was DOWN before you were born! Anyway, these videos just reek of every horrid stereotype that now nouveaux-rich kid town represents. Then whadda expect from kids that think Limp Bizkit is "old school"?

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