Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our bands might look "funny" but at least they don't suck as bad as this...

So Bathory and Deicide look a bit "off" but seriously, how many people do you know that have been listening these bunch eyeware ad modelling fools aka: Mates of State ? Are there people that collect everything they own? Do they have a dedicated fanbase around the world and people that even do cover songs of these indie turds? Are they ever gonna do a live album that people can recite from beginning to end. I think not!

Oh, but some say that "metal all sounds the same". I've heard these attitude from people who don't even have a clue how long I've been listening to indie rock. Full disclosure: at least since 1988. It could be argued that up until "indie rock" required an overt professionalism (re: glossy promo photos, massive press kits, massive pre-album hype), it actually had an identity and wasn't riddled with half-assed melodies and annoying vocalists and lifeless song structures. Like prog-rock at the end of the 70's, it's become an illusion of it's former self.


Graeme said...

Indie rock went wrong when it stopped being influenced--in however slight a manner--by hardcore punk. Superchunk reportedly first met at a Neon Christ show. Dinosaur Jr. were Deep Wound and J. Mascis is, of course, a huge metalhead. I won't lie, I love a lot of this stuff.

This shit that looks and sounds like it was dreamed up by a lifestyle magazine can fuck right off though.

RagnarR said...

Agreed, 100%. I've tried real hard to like a lot of "modern indie" stuff and is fails most of the time. The college station I DJ at some people like the most inane, lifeless crap that get marketed as "indie". Which is about as "metal" as a fuggin' Winger reunion.