Monday, October 17, 2011

Team Cliff Burton?

Snagged from BMX Plus! forum and also a reminder of a "full-circle moment" as not only was it sort of recently the anniversary of Cliff's tragic death in September 1986.

Also, two weekends ago I was at the Frisco Freakout Fest and spotted a guy in a BMX Reunion shirt. We talked about old school BMX for quite a while and we realized that we might've actually raced against each other at the Fremont ABA track (in Jan-March '83).

Anyway, here's Cliff is holding a copy he just signed of one of the greatest (and most opinionated *) 80's Metal zine, Kick Ass. 

* As in editor "Nasty" Bob Muldoney hated King Diamond and Mercyful Fate along with W.A.S.P. The first he called Queen Rhinestone and the latter's singer was deemed Faggy Balless. On the other hand, he did support TONS of killer bands such as Burton-era Metallica, Bathory, Nasty Savage, Overkill. In addition, it was one of the few bigger circulation Metal zines that supported crossover bands (i.e. Broken Bones, C.O.C., etc).

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