Sunday, September 27, 2009

"...and we hate Slayah wot more can we fookin' say?!"

Mike Reid's BBC1 Radio Show discussed the #15 on the station, which wasn't the usual MTV fare. On a dare they play
Fellow DJ, Tommy Vance bet them £100 to play Venom's "Warhead", a song which took even my metalic ear awhile to get used to.

Extreme Venom fans from Brummie land, Mark & Steve continually call the BBC answering machine but also run out of pence on the phone box. Still, they hand on to claim: "No fooker's gonna stop us-nobody...and you piss on all those wanka bands (like) Mercful Fate and even kick in...Accept and W.A.S.P." Eventually adding these choice quotes:

"I'm a Venom geek but I feel I must keep on about it."

"They're fookin' American liggers" Liggers is Brit slang for 'hanger on'. More on that via Urban Dictionary:

BBC in the Northeast area did an interview and dissed in order Metallica, Boy George and themselves.

While this was very silly, I'm sure there were a certain group of Norwegian teenagers that latched on to the "Pure Fuckin' Mayhem" concept.

Then there was this gem from a 1984 Dutch Radio where all 3 members of Venom were pissed to tha gills:

Part 1

Part 2

Mantas' fave band was Y&T. I wonder what he thought of that tumor called "Summertime Girls"?

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Big D said...

That was comedy gold.