Monday, November 30, 2009

NSBM bands just wanna rock with their (fascist) cocks out

Exhibit One: Satanic Warmaster – covering Motley Crue’s “Take Me To The Top”

Exhibit Two: Nokturnal Mortum – covering W.A.S.P.’s “Wild Child”

So, will this mean that Graveland will cover Keel’s “The Right To Rock”? Or will Absurd cover Dokken’s “Paris Is Burning” complete with flamin’ guitar solo? If so, this would be a minor improvement on a bunch of lame-ass controversial bands whose music never seems to rise above “novelty value”. Yeah, yeah, I know Nokturnal Mortum loves to get down with the fiddles with their quasi-black metal shit but it’s still not selling me. Their bullshit beliefs aside, these bands rarely know how to put the METAL in Black Metal. Or the ROCK in their Rock Against Vulgar Marxism (or whatever the fuck their other styles are is). I mean as good sounding as the sketchy bastards like Der Strumer or Sigrblot are there's also the "can't play an audible chord or know how to make a decent song to save their life of War88 along with the or the pure comedy of the Nokturnal Mortem related power metal cheese makers, Finist

Even Satanic Warmaster confused about what night looks like:

Sure they live in Finland and in the summer there’s nearly 24 hours of sun but where’s the thematic consistency? They also play with openly neo-Nazi bands like Absurd then deny they’re NSBM. Also, last year, someone I know from the Finnish Metal scene told me at this same Absurd/Satanic Warmaster show there was a ton of people sieg-heiling. Way to go, geniuses.

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nate said...

Dude, as i get older, i realize how these bands are just a bunch of dudes like any one of us, starting out as kids who like strong imagery and shock value (whether they care to admit it or not). You'll notice how belief systems change over the span of their respective careers.
Look at King, who, when he was with Gorgoroth, was all about " our music is just a vessel to spread the word of satan..." and then in recent interviews, says that Satan is more of a christian symbol, and tries to deny that he was ever a satanist. And he's just one of many! Varg, anyone?
People respond to this music because the bands are unabashedly, full-on into their philosophies (or appear that way). They act like they're really warriors, that there's really gonna be some big fight with the rest of society someday.
Then they get older, and realize they were just rebellious kids...
And i think that "NSBM" just gives some of these rebellious kids another shocking flag to wave... and maybe a forum for their white-trashy, racist thoughts... i mean, as far as Norway goes... these guys may have never even seen a black man... Isolation causes fear and ignorance.
Then you take, essentially, an uninformed country bumpkin and turn him into a role model for kids across the world who have nothing better to do than piss off their parents. I could go on for hours... sorry to take up so much space, dude... i dig your blog...