Sunday, September 11, 2011

As opposed to Bloodbad?

This video is a part live show or live in front of 20+ people rehearsal thing that gives off the odor of a frankensense and myrr scented WAY-off Broadway play about the crucifixion. I mentioned these Seattle-based holy metallers, Bloodgood earlier in a post on similar minded Jezzo-rockers, Stryper. This video is the first time I've ever seen any band use a guy dressed up like Jesus on stage and recreate the scene(s) from 31 (or 32?) A.D. This is an otherwise goofier version of Jesus Christ Superstar (which is pretty goofy unto itself). Though that movie reminds of my former friend,(Danny) in Pleasanton who was a born-again Christian that loved the above mentioned bumblebees. Said past friend & I's conversation went like this:

(Danny): What? You've never seen a movie about the Bible?
(Me): (*Sheepishly*, pun intended) Nope, not yet.
(Danny): Well, you SHOULD!
(Me): Uh, ok like Jesus Christ Superstar
(Danny): Noooooo! That's blasphemous (note: in his universe this movie was "blasphemous" but listening to Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen and his being a racist dick wasn't? Weird.)
(Me): Oh, I...didn't know that (I only thought "hey it has Jesus in the title - it must be about the Bible and filled with holy stuff).
(Danny): See, you gotta watch The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Ten Commandments.

A few years later via a Billy Crystal record, I found out what a insincere joke The Ten Commandments is - Moses never landed on the Planet of the Apes. Additional viewings of this scene from Mel Brooks always great History of the World Part 1 also underscored that point.
No idea about the latter movie but it sounds a little assholish for them to called it "Greatest Story EVER Told", Tintin in Tibet was a lot more interesting and it didn't confuse or give me nightmares (save the bit about the Yeti).

 had told me told me when I mentioned not seeing ever seeing a movie about The Bible before The thing that makes me uneasy about this is that I actually quite like the vocals mixing Saxon's Biff Byford & a touch of Mike Howe from Metal Church but while both have done a few missteps in their career, they never did play high school drama-power ballads like so:

So, Invisible Oranges can write a bunch of articles about what mode/key Metallica songs are in but who's ever gonna school you on late-80's Christian drama metal? 


Lightning Baltimore said...

Bloodgood, tinklebad?

Gracious . . . what an embarrassingly awful . . . spectacle.

RagnarR said...

Ha-ha! I think Tinklebad was their Disney-related side project that didn't get off the ground.