Monday, November 28, 2011

Stoned (Again?)

I meant to release this way back in 2008 but it's still relevant to the "weird experience on weed thing". This took place at a party at the great but short lived  Stanford party house that KZSU DJ, Big Chief once lived at. 

No, it wasn't quite like this but...damn...eating 2 squares of weed cake tonight was fuggin' weird. I hadn't had any weed as in smoking it. Having an interesting, fun time at a KZSU friends b-day party. Talking with friends old and new. The delicious yellow cake filled with the cannibus and before that was the baked potato with the cannibus butter. Oh, so good but oh, so dumb after 4-5 beers. Strangely, the last time I had gotten high off of weed was around 2003 when at a friend's house San Francisco party. My friend's roommate peer pressured me into "burning the green" again -especially since I said (and truthfully) I hadn't had any since June 1986 at the Metallica/Ozzy show. That stuff was pretty powerful but I 'spose that's stating the obvious as the permutations of weed have advanced into turbo level now. I was used to the regular strong but not too strong of Reagan-era sensimilla not this harsh stuff they had in S.F. that night. Then again, I've often been a total lightweight.

My mind's didn't get too warped but things did indeed slow way down yet at the same time I was able to talk and respond well and only rarely missing my train of thought. But jeez, how did it hit me not until close to an 40 minutes-an hour after eating it? I was talking with a friend of mine near the BBQ I suddendly hit me in the back of the head like a rock. I pointed to my friend and said to her "whooaa...hold on! Holy shit, dewd, I'm fuckin' high off that weed cake!" Strangely, the cake even gave me cotton mouth to some degree. Cotton mouth was my least fave side effects from smokin' weed. (Somewhere after the stench of the stuff).

Anyway, later tonight, after a long "back to normal" stretch" I was listening to Legendary Pink Dots on the way home. A contemporary version of the trippiest of trippest parts of Pink Floyd and something slooowwwww and just wuhh...

Now excuse me I gotta prepare for dealin' with the real world tomorrow. Saaaad! No more weed be it cake or otherwise for me, thank you.

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