Saturday, September 1, 2007

Speak English Or Diet

Sounds weird but I've had a mini-obsession with a movie I haven't even seen before. I've been utterly amused by a 1991 British movie called "The Pope Must Die!" Not only because of it's obviously controversial title but also because of what became of the controversy. The title was changed to the "Pope Must Diet". Yes, diet. I know of a few medeval kings called "The Fat" but never a pope. The imdb entry tells more:

"After much outcry from Roman Catholics, the film's US title was changed by the addition of a single letter. The new title, "The Pope Must Diet", was marked on some promotional material with the final letter "T" in the form of a crucifix. "

I've always done the "die" to "diet" change in my head when reading certain song or album titles or lyrics. A few examples:

"A Fine Day To Diet" and "Diet in Fire" - Bathory
"Never Say Diet" & "Diet Young" - Black Sabbath
"Diet Hard", "Live Like An Angel Diet Like A Devil" - Venom
"Diet By The Sword" - Slayer
"March or Diet"- Motorhead
"Diet, Diet My Darling" - Misfits
"Eat Fats, Diet Young" - Bulimia Banquet
"Diet By His Hand" - Exodus
"Do or Diet" - Viking
"Invader #1 Must Diet" - Bad Vibes
"Too Young Drunk to Live To Young To Diet" - Alcatrazz
"Kill Fuck Diet" - W.A.S.P.

Band names:

Watch Them Diet
Diet Toten Hosen

How 'bout Metallica lyrics: "Diet, Diet By My Hand I Creep Across The Land Killing Fatborn Man". It'll work for slogans, too "Posers will Diet!" This might only work for Richard Simmons and Manowar, though. (*Meh* Same difference)

Time for this silliness to fuck off and die(t). Anyway, this movie does worth checking out. Mostly because it stars Adrian Edmondson better known to "Young Ones" fans as Vyvyan Basterd. There's something admirable about having talents like: "wiring the doorbell to a bomb and adding a 289 CID Ford V-8 engine to the vacuum cleaner which proceeded to suck up the carpet, the floorboards and a friend of Neil's."

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