Sunday, September 30, 2007

Worst Use. Of Vikings and Metal. Ever.

Forest are a bunch of jackbooted jackoffs from Novomoskovsk, Russia. Nothing like throwing in SS iconography with your piss poor concepts of vikings. That ain't floatin' my (dragon) boat, comrade. Their music is very half-assed, kinda raw 90's black metal with some vague "pagan" leanings.

Aquarius Records seems to dig 'em, though.

"Yet another disc of glorious blackened woodland buzz from AQ faves Forest gets the deluxe reissue treatment. A grim Russian horde, Forest captured our shriveled black hearts with their Burzum-meets-Jewelled Antler debut. As they progressed, the clattery forest ambience receded, and the black buzz took over, but on Foredooming The Hope For Eternity, there was still plenty of non-black weirdness to balance the blazing buzz."

Pfft. Whatevah dood that's not what I'm hearing.

Here's the band's retarded babble here:

Note: The Pagan Front are a bunch of Noxious Sucky Bonehead Metaldouches. I recommend NOT buying or supporting their loser bands.

Strangely enough that album cover reminds me of another piece of propaganda that the nazi used to indoctrinate the masses in Norway

Translation: "(with) Waffen-SS and The Norwegian legion against the mutual enemy: AGAINST BOLSHEVISM" The original of poster is in Oslo's Hjemmefrontmussett or Home Front Museum, the memorial to the victims of the 1940-45 Nazi occupation of Norway. Interestingly, Denmark who were also occupied by the Nazis in this time had a resistance group called "Vikings" which essentially said: "Piss off! That's OUR history - not YOURS!" All hail! Why is it these nazi viking fetishists never mention the real history? Do they not read anything beyond own "Aryanically Correct" bullshit? FACT: Vikings intermarried with Celts and very like with Inuits (read: NON-white people). Lest we forget all the Greeks, Slavs, Arabs and Jews they traded goods with?

My position on NSBM is, was and forever shall be: F.O.A.D.!


Ian Christe said...

Yikes. I think that mulleted Hetfield-berserker was traced from the cover of Rogue Male's First Visit album.

Justin "Thunder" Lager said...

Oh yeah, it DOES look like that guy. That Rogue Male LP is really underrated, too. Very Motorhead-ish & dirty hard rockin' metal.

Unknown said...

You don't know shit about the National Socialists, Viking heritage, Russian Black Metal, the Celts, or the mate-selection-trends among Northern Europeans, apparently. You are also unable to leave your own personal politics out of your assessment/evaluation. Thankfully, Aquarius can think beyond the misconceptions. Educate yourself or shut up with your p.c. bullshit. Go listen to fucking Dragonforce or Finntroll or something which can't possibly rub anyone like you the wrong way. Leave Forest reviews to people who know what's up and who stand proud. Vitholf