Monday, December 31, 2007

Temptation, Pain and Hope

This is a random fan video from the UK edition of MTV's "Headbanger's Ball". The video itself isn't remarkably interesting compared to the list of "bargin bin" of hair metal contained within. This is my first time really viewing the style of host Vanessa Warwick. She seemed like an alright presenter. She did her research on the band (or at least read her cue cards really well) and put a decent amount of emphasis into what she was doing. Plus, she looked pretty good doing it. Although it's not in a that "Hey, look at me I'm a hot metalchick, muthafucka! Woo!" like her contemporaries "The Face of Metal" (?) Mistress Juilya, street team zombie Metal Sanaz and the ultra-skanky Jasmine St. Claire. Regardless of looks, it's more the to do with the simple and generally honest presentation that makes Warrick standout from these one sheets in fetish boots.

The list of bands read off in these clips reads like a "who's who" of Rip and Kerrang! circa: 1988-92. You can imagine flipping through piles of $1 bin LPs and cassettes that have collected dust from here to Helsinki. These are the bands not even VH-1 or Hit Parader has bothered with. Despite their major label (or "major indie label") status, the major of these bands failed instantly in the States. Does anyone remember the Fred Coury (Cinderella) & Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) "supergroup", Arcade? Sven Gali? Baby Animals? Tailsman? Skew Siskin? Sleeze Beeze? Dogs D'Mour, anyone? I heard them on KSJS...once. It wasn't half bad but that was in 1989, so who knows how it holds up today? Oh, yeah there's an unidentified Ramones interview in here. Blink & you'll miss it.

Being a mark for geography, Warrick & co. get kudos for doing "Swedish" and "Dutch" specials. Anyone truly obsessed with metal can tell you that it always has been an international phenomenon. The American Headbanger's Ball would've never tried that. Although, doing a "Bay Area Thrash" special or a "New York Metal" special would've been a lot more interesting than the umpteenth interview with Sebastian Bach or another Motley Crüe "update". All you had to do is interview say, 4 well known bands, and give mention to a few others that "the kids" should check out. Not that hard but it's not like anybody's hiring me to be research director.

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