Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Cows - "Sexy Pee Story" Story

A rather epic review of demented damaged rawkers, The Cows 1993 LP "Sexy Pee Story" which is currently on display at in the halls of KZSU. This issue of the old zine [i]Your Flesh[/i] also includes a full-page slaggin of Glen Danzig's "Satan's Love Oaf Goes Orchestral" or really "Black Aria"-his classic/dark ambient album - which to this day I haven't heard. Having a roommate who's boyfriend sits in your apt all day - after you've come home from a long day of work only to hear "ah, dood I'm totally gonna win this Danzig MTV contest!" will put you off from every wanted hear him again. A random 7" by a random 90's neverheardof'ems called Flyer Saucers get this simple but funny review "Ralph Nader must've recalled their balls". Better is the review of a band, yes band called Paw. Paw was the target of well-deserved HATE. Namely because the fuckers had a scant 7" to their name, rarely if ever play outside Lawrence, KS (which was for 15 secs in 1993 "the next Seattle") and got signed to A&M. Here's some choice words from reviewer Bruce Adams:

"Paw may be the most glaring example of the absurdity to which the major label feeding frenzy has descended (does somebody at A&M really get paid to sign up this band ahead of proven entities? but it's no credit to the band's intelligence that they would sign p without having even toured nationally or seen how "the industry" work on the mist fundamental levels...Most bands want someone else to do everything for them before they finish their first rehearsal (shit, they think it's a God-given right) and this leaves them wide open to be fleeced...Oh yes, the music. paw work up a kind of slacker grunge that impresses mainly with its lethargy. Every song works up to a brief burst of wah wah and then float back down to an indifferent mumble. Somebody ought to left Herb Albert and his employees on to the fact that Nirvana had hit songs because Nirvana writes catchy songs. Paw sleep-walk through their lazy boned, a-dynamic numbers."

Other gems in this issue include an ad for the Peter Bagge/Dan Clowes double-header comic "Hate-Ball" comic tour. Got to witness it in Comic Relief in Berkeley they were both awesome dudes. Tho' the turn out could been much better considering they had their art on nearly every other Sub-Pop & garage rawk 7" out there. Plus ads for Nirvana "Incesticide", Jim Goad writing about growing up with 70's glam (one of his better pieces), some articles on new bands like Janitor Joe (awesome rumbly bass noise rawk on AmRep), Earth along with longer running acts: Sun City Girls, The Orb. [i]Your Flesh[/i] was full of content, wit, and little bullshit. They call 'em like they saw 'em. David Livingstone of God Bullies was one of the editors and some of the designers for Am Rep and other Minneapolis music/underground art connections. Conflict of interest with the Cows review? Maybe but still it was a damn good album by a helluva band.

Now for more Cows aka: stuff Empty Vee wouldn't touched with a 500 ft. pole:

Gotta love the "skin as t-shirt" designs on Shannon Selberg & his "hit by a semi horn.

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