Sunday, February 28, 2010

Number of the...Barf

Iron Maiden drummer and born-again Xtian, Nicko McBrain recently opened up a "rock & ribs" place in Coral Springs, Florida. Link/info courtesy of sport & sometimes music blog Can't Stop the Bleeding. More stuff

I suppose somebody in the 1980's had said: "dude, what if everything was Metal!? Like y'know...
TV ads
Christmas albums
college symposiums
news networks
and even fuckin' hot sauce! Then not only that but what if...I MEAN IF they could get Lars from Metallica, Dee Snider AND that dude from Anthrax to talk about Metal on TV-like all the time - it would be SO awesome!"

So, yep then they obviously predicted this weird-ass world we're in. All this "dood this is metal, too" stuff has become reality for better or worse. I'm sure people will be considering their Slayer hi-tops as "not cool" as some point. As for me...I still gotta sew on my Mercyful Fate patch on my denim jacket-I shit you not.

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