Saturday, December 11, 2010

At LEAST change the logo!

My friend The Pittsburg Pirates pointed out the above's very lame and highly UN-diabloical logo while we were on our way to lunch in Berkeley's very yuppish (but still good) Tacubaya in Berkeley's very snooty 4th Street district. This shoe store is apparently attempting to conjure a diabolic aesthetic yet their arched M is comes off more like an early Warner Brother's monster wearing a tux. Nothing evil or hellish there. They might wanna throw some inspiration from the Swedish Black/Death Metal underground like this logo of this sorta influential band of the same name.

For fuck's sake, they even did a variation on both Elphas Levi's classic satan image AND the Celtic Frostian heptagram. Waaay better than some $130 & up shoe place. Hell, the shoe store doesn't even conjure up the images of the movie Mefisto which OK, was pretty controversial subject matter (and the English dubbed version is really boring) but no matter - they should just change the name of the place to "Overpriced Shoes with a Shitty Logo".

P.S. - Yes, I just noticed they're spelled differently but once again the shoe store is totally UN-wicked and not somewhere I'll ever shop nor should you!


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Whitney said...

that place sucks. And Gossamer is RIGHT on... I forgot about that awesome furry red dude.