Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rockers on PSAs

Man, Rick Nielsen's promoting Cheap Trick's really awful single "Tonight It's You", Jools Holland is such a dweeb! But look at that shirt Robyn Hitchcock's wearing-I think he & Klaus of the Scorps shop at the same place. And did that Kool & The Gang album have a hit? Seems like by 1985 they were far away from "Celebration".

Meanwhile in another part of 1985, Wendy O. Williams, the Kommander of Kaos tells us about the importance of V.D. prevention.

Ratt's Robyn is too ripped to read

Alcatrazz, the band featuring that Miami Vice lookin' Graham Bonnett also did a PSA on the b-side of their "Will You Be Home Tonight" 12". There's no video or clip of it that I can find but trust me, I've heard it and it's downright weird but not too unlike the rest of the "Rockers Against Drugs" ads that were all over MTV around 1987-88. Alcatrazz were a bunch of session players like Steve Vai and Jimmy Waldo but regardless of status - the song pretty much blows donkey.

Granted, not all of these ads sucked. This is the best one with Dio, who's totally believable. He was just a "few beers here & there" guy and not a fuck up like Nikki Sixx.

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Yary said...

I grew up in a town that didn't have cable but we DID get U68. That channel was a little more out-there than MTV at the time, judging from what I saw at my friends' who lived in cable-ready locales. More rap, more Euro-fringe.