Saturday, June 16, 2007


This is the beginning of the continuation of my zine from the late 90's: STONER WALL. Said zine was a big-ass print deal and my idea for part II has been delayed forever...until now. Part I was reviewed in zines like Zum. It was also was listed in the an issue of "Book Your Own Fuckin' Life". I also sold it at Aquarius Records (San Francisco), Axis Records and Comics(Alameda) and Radio Free Records (San Jose). I also attempted to sell a few at a Slobber show at 924 Gilman when I was the makeshift "merch guy" for that band of Redwood City "dork-core" punks.

So what the hell is "Stoner Wall" about you might ask? Heavy Fuckin' Metal! I say those three words with pride. Although much of heavy metal culture has permeated so much of "normal" culture in recent years. Everything from overpriced "vintage Iron Maiden" shirts to celebrities and "cool kids" in Ozzy wristbands and $40 trucker hats that say "Ass, Gas or Grass..." or "ironic mullets" (ugh!) and ad nauseum. This dude encapsulates it pretty well.

Now it seems a lot harder to say "what" kind of metal you like not just because of the sheer number of subgenres but the vast number of bands and releases out there. A lot of it is bullshit but the amount of truly great stuff is equal if not duplicated by what happened in the 80's.

That said, this blog will be some weird but true stories about life in Pleasanton, CA during 1984-90 (and a few flashes back even further). This is not really gonna be about how the 80's were great. They weren't. I don't live in the past, I'd rather learn from it. Plus there will be commentaries/criticisms on music, movies, books, and other stuff related to hard rock/metal. A lot from the past but some from the present, too.


Note: The title is an ode to the underrated thrash/power metal band
from the 80's Nasty Savage and their first demo "Wage of Mayhem".

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