Saturday, June 23, 2007

Heavy Sounds From Hippyville - Side B


* King Missle - "Jesus Was Way Cool" - "if he wanted to...he could turn sugar into cocaine...or vitamin pills into amphetamines" Need I say more?

* Strange mix of "Readings on the Beat Jack Keuoack, John Zorn covering Orenette Coleman and early 70's Budweiser commercials.

* Krack - "Infection" rather good, nasty noise rock with burly guitars.

* Hedgehog - "Burning the Green" stoned out, loose, Dinosaur Jr.-like indie rock from Santa Cruz. They had a few 7"ers. The song is actually about a forest fire not taking bongloads, though.

* Silverfish - "One Silver Dollar" - bad-ass UK punkish/noise rock with female vocals. They did a couple of albums all of which were pretty good.

* Dinosaur Jr. - "The Lung" - a great, huge rockin' semi-epic, totally unforgettable and tons of great guitar work. This show in particular got me way into Dino Jr.

* Buffalo Tom - "Birdbrain" - Dinosaur Jr. Jr. some called them back then. Except the vocals were a lot different they just weren't as out of control. I'm hearing more of a Screaming Trees influence. Not a bad band but they only had a handful of songs that really stuck out and this is one of them.

* Public Enemy - "Bring 'Da Noise" - Motherfuckin' Public Enemy! While I dug a lot of early hip-hop like Run DMC & even some of the first few LL Cool J albums. Although,
P.E. was the first band that a HUGE sound. The DJ made a super lame error in running a "why you should donate" promo during the intro. "THEE....Public Enemy!"

* Public Enemy - "Don't Believe the Hype" - A perfect example of how they bridged the serious and comical. Especially that odd background voice that keeps going "WHooooooo-haaahhh!"

* Last Poets - "Jonestown" I still hear this thinking - "Whoa -what was this?" Radical, political, African-American poetry/proto hip-hop. "I'm driving a white horse into my main vein..." All kinds of shit going on in this. Told from the perspective of a junkie who's "jonesin'" Rather grim and still holds up.

* Dr. Know - "Mr. Freeze" Killer, slightly metallic hardcore. My tape cut off during this song and it took me YEARS to figure out who did this. It made sense that it was Dr. Know as I liked their "Plug in Jesus" LP that I borrowed from my sister but for some dumb reason I didn't tape that. (Yet I taped crap like Lizzy Borden and Kiss' "Animalize" what was I THINKING"?). Some band called Slayer covered this song.

The station also had a Middle Eastern show called "Unfiltered Camels" which I found is still on. I listened to it a few times during the first Gulf War.
I can't tell much from their website what exactly they're playing aside from some standard indie fare but a few suprises. I discovered like their metal show called "Hell Bent for Heavy Metal" that played "Gladiator" by Nasty Savage! The rest of the metal programming leans towards "moldy oldies" like AC/DC, Ozzy and new crap like Black Label Society.


Rat said...

Ah yeah, I used to live in that town before heading to Portland. Kelly I think is the girl that does that show if I remember correctly. Funny to see it mentioned even.

Jinja said...

Good times... the host was 'Mike V.'
I did 'Rock Is Dead' prior to him on Wednesday nights.
We both wound up in Portland a few years later.