Saturday, July 7, 2007

I’m in the Top 50…of today's metal nerds

Today I took this Metal trivia quiz.

It’s pretty awesome you can do the questions by category (i.e. Black, Death, Thrash) or by Album, Song, Band Members. I did it for all categories except for gothic metal (which is neither). It's all multiple choice and you don't need a #2 pencil or scantron. Sometimes the questions are simple like "Who released Master of Puppets?" Whereas other times they ask you which Gorgoroth album did Frost of Satyricon play drums on. (In still have no clue, uh... "Antichrist"?, "Pentagram"? some other badly clichéd album title?). The 3rd game I played they asked a D.A.D. related question. Who? Look in the dollar bin next to D'molls and Dangerous Toys.


You got 1800 points.
With those points, you made some Top50-entries!

Your score can be found in the following entries: today's

My 1800 points was nowhere near the 3762 points that someone named Sad Wings got. Then again, he was “destined” to win, eh? Sad Wings + Destiny…? Hello?…Is this thing on?

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